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Mindful Focus

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Explore yourself and the world around you, by attuning to your senses and becoming more aware, taking in more of your environment, and enjoy the world around you more.

We can only interact with the world through our senses,

thus the best way to admire it is to sharpen our senses.

In this first chapter, we’ll walk through the different senses and practice being more aware of the types and potency of the things we feel.


By training ourselves to become more aware of the intricacy of what we feel, hear, see and even taste. 

Apart from the sensory benefits, this has in our daily lives, 

noticing more in our interactions strengthens our relationships by; becoming better listeners or identifying the small things others do for us. 


Noticing more in our activities helps us perform tasks better and more efficiently by; detecting important or obsolete steps in any type of process from mechanical to chemical.


In short, explore yourself and the world by boosting what you experience and enhancing your quality of life.


Find clarity by discovering your home base, a place within where you can return to at any time.

Focusing is the ability to sustain attention over time. 

Studies show that our mind is wandering up to 46% of the time. Meaning almost half of the time we aren’t using the full potential of our minds.

By learning to anchor internally we give ourselves a permanent place to retain that attention. Coming back regularly reinforces that ability to control our (wandering) minds

Through long-term practice, we can dive deeper into a maelstrom of clarity and inspiration even during tumultuous times by obtaining a one-pointed focus.

Whether we lack focus sometimes or all the time, having a place to return to and regain our attention gives us more control over our minds.

Reducing the impact of distractions like our ringing phones, busy lives or intense emotions, and overwhelming thoughts.

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Inner Balance

Gain inner balance by cultivating equanimity, helping manage difficult situations through perceiving without reciprocating.

Perceiving more of what life has to offer is a beautiful thing. Yet there is danger in not being able to cope with the increase in sensory input. 


Equanimity is sometimes described as letting things pass through you or simply being present. This may sound like we’re becoming negligent, or defiant at first glance. 


Learning to accept instead of resisting all these new stimuli is the crucial difference between expending energy and conserving it. 

Noticing that everything is there and then accept it regardless of our desires. 


Discover tranquility by finding harmony within the things we can and can not control. 

Becoming calmer and saving your energy for the things that matter.

Whether you want to find clarity, peace of mind,

or explore yourself, through mindfulness.

If you have more questions let us hop on a no-pressure discovery call.

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