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My Story

How it all started

When I started school I was a kid full of curiosity and eager to learn. 

But after a few years, it was clear that something wasn't going according to plan. 

I soon got tested for all kinds of things as we tend to do to figure out what's wrong with kids. 

That’s when I was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD and pretty much at the start of my school career, I was branded as someone with learning disabilities


As if that wasn’t enough they also tested my IQ which turned out to be rather high. 

So there I was a smart kid who couldn’t read and couldn’t concentrate.


Throughout my old life

Lost and confused, I did what people told me to do because how’s a kid supposed to know any better. 

So I finished high school with a degree as an educator, 
started working as a mechanic and later in the local factory, 
gave school another try and studied textile engineering in college (didn’t end well), 
worked in tourism to find another group of outcasts I wouldn't feel bad about hanging around. 

All of these things were fun for a while and even taught me a lot but nothing stuck so a few years after giving up on schools and having found little work that kept me fulfilled like many lost souls I turned to traveling the world. 

What I learned

Going around the world opened my eyes, not perse in the classic way many people experience, although that also happened. 

But to me, it opened my eyes to see who I am without the labels
I was still that little boy with an insatiable curiosity and eager to learn about anything and everything. 

When I explored it made me feel amazing, the thing that was discouraged when I was young seemed to be the one thing that brought me the most joy.

So I set out to explore and discover more, 
about the world but most of all about myself. 

Sadly realizing that those labels that were given to me so long ago, which were meant to help me, were the thing that had held me back for so long.


To infinity and beyond!

So I started to challenge everything I was ever branded with,

I picked up my first book (Stephen Hawkings) and loved it so much I finished it in one go! 

I started meditating and discovered the focus and clarity it gave me throughout life, not always having a mind that’s all over the place but focusing on the things I care about. 

I started exercising and disciplining myself to the point where instead of being the least active person in a group I tended to be the most active. 

I found the focus I was missing all my life and with it was able to completely turn my life around in just a couple of years.

I tell people a lot now, that person I was would not be recognizable next to who I am today, and of course, they don’t believe me until I show them pictures or I tell them my stories that resemble the script of a Hangover movie.

To end the story where it began, I still have the same diagnosis as when I was young, but like I told my mom at that time.

“I don’t care much about these labels because regardless, I have to live my life the way I am”

and that’s exactly what I do.

If you want to learn more about how I do this feel free to book a discovery call.

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